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Mr. Rebates Review (August 2021) Is Mr. Rebates Legit?

Mr. Rebates is a cash back website with offers at over 3,000 stores. Shop popular retailers like Walmart, Target, Kohl's, and more.


MayoFi rating

Mr. Rebates is best for

  • Cash back while shopping online
  • Finding the best coupons
  • Automatically saving money

Potential earnings

$200–$350 per year

Payout methods

PayPal, Check, Gift cards

User rating

4.7 out of 5


    • Over 3,000 stores with cash back offers — Mr. Rebates has partnered with over 3,000 stores to bring you the best cash back deals. Shop at your favorite stores including Walmart, Target, eBay, and Macy’s.
    • Mobile app lets you earn cash back anywhere — The Mr. Rebates mobile app is available for both Apple iOS and Android. This makes it easy to earn cash back on the go when you’re away from your computer.
    • You get a signup bonus — By using this link, Mr. Rebates will pay you $5 just for signing up after you make your first purchase. It's a great bump to get you started.


    • Cash back is only paid out once a month — Cash back payments are sent at the beginning of each month. If you are wanting to get your cash back sooner, you’ll have to wait.
    • Not all items are eligible for cash back — Just because a store gives cash back on purchases, doesn’t mean every single item in the store is eligible for cash back. For example, Apple products are usually exempt from cash back, even if you purchase it from a cash back store such as Target.
    • Can not get cash back at Amazon — This could be a deal-breaker for some considering Amazon is the largest and most convenient retailer in the world.

Full Mr. Rebates Review

Mr. Rebates was founded in 2002 and was one of the original cash back services. In that time, they’ve added over 3,000 stores and saved millions of dollars for members.

mr. rebates website in 2002
Mr. Rebates in 2002

Like most cash back websites, Mr. Rebates earns a commission from the retailers you make purchases from. When you click on a link from the Mr. Rebates website or browser extension, you click on an affiliate link.

When you purchase from a retailer, Mr. Rebates earns a commission and passes a percentage to you in the form of cash back.

Although Mr. Rebates is a cash back website, you can also find coupons and other discounts by shopping through their website or using the Mr. Rebates browser extension.

Mr. Rebates is an all-around good cash back service. They aren’t the best. However, they’ve been around since 2002 and have built a lot of trust over the years.

Getting started with Mr. Rebates is easy. It takes less than 1 minute to sign up and comes with a $5 sign up bonus after your first purchase using Mr. Rebates. Get started today for free!

Get a $7.50 sign up bonus when you sign up

  • Get cash back while shopping online
  • Automatically get the best coupons applied to your order
  • Over 3,000 stores with cash back offers
Sign Up For Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates is best for you if

  • You want to save money on your online shopping — Believe it or not, some people don’t like saving money. To them, it’s too time-consuming having to search the internet for coupons and deals. But with Mr. Rebates, you don’t have to spend any time searching for the best deals. All the deals and cash back offers are organized on the Mr. Rebates website. If you’re using the Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button browser extension, cash back offers and coupons are automatically applied to your purchase at checkout.
  • You do a lot of shopping — If you already do a lot of online shopping and aren’t finding ways to save money, you are essentially throwing money out the window. There are far too many cash back websites (like Mr. Rebates) that will allow you to save money easily. Start taking advantage of these services—most of them are completely free.
  • You use coupon websites  — You might already use coupon websites like RetailMeNot and to manually find coupons and other promo codes. If you use a cash back service like Mr. Rebates, you can still get the benefits of using coupons, except it’s all automated. By using the Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button browser extension, you can get coupons applied to your purchase automatically during checkout.

Mr. Rebates alternatives

There are several alternatives to Mr. Rebates. Many of these services can be used in addition to Mr. Rebates, instead of replacing it completely.

For example, Rakuten doesn’t have to replace Mr. Rebates, it can be used to find more cash back deals than what Mr. Rebates has to offer.

In any case, here are all of the Mr. Rebates alternatives:

Mr. Rebates top features

In addition to cash back deals, Mr. Rebates has other features that you can use to earn even more money. Let’s go through each one.

Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button

Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button

The Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button is a browser extension that’s available for Google Chrome.

When you are shopping online at your favorite store, the Quick Cash Button will automatically remind you to activate cash back with a pop up at the top right of your browser window.

In addition to this feature, the Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button also allows you to search stores as you would on the website, get access to coupons, and view cash back totals.

Mr. Rebates’ Mobile App

Mr. Rebates’ Mobile App

The Mr. Rebates mobile app allows you to take your cash back on the go. Download the app for both Apple iOS or Android.

The app is beneficial if you are away from your home computer or office and can’t use the official Mr. Rebates website or browser extension.

Do all your shopping through the app on your phone and still earn cash back for your purchases.

Refer friends

mr. rebates refer friends

Mr. Rebates referral program is a great way to create some passive income for yourself.

When you register your Mr. Rebates account, you’ll automatically receive a unique link that you can use to post anywhere. When your friends click on that link and sign up for Mr. Rebates, you’ll get 20% of their earned cash back credits for life.

Also, your friends will get $5 after they make their first purchase through Mr. Rebates.

To get started, hover over the My Account option at the top left corner of the website. Then, click on Refer Friends.

You’ll see four different boxes—email, links/banners, Facebook, and Twitter. To find your unique link, click on the text links & banner link.

Get a $7.50 sign up bonus when you sign up

  • Get cash back while shopping online
  • Automatically get the best coupons applied to your order
  • Over 3,000 stores with cash back offers
Sign Up For Mr. Rebates

How you get paid

Mr. Rebates has a $10 minimum payout threshold. This means you have to earn at least $10 before you can request a payment.

There are three different ways you can receive your cash back payment:

  • Mailed check
  • PayPal
  • Gift card

If you need your money as soon as possible, I’d recommend using PayPal.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you should create one. They’re completely free to use and convenient since most retailers and cash back websites use them as a primary form of payment.

When you create your PayPal account, you’ll need to link your bank account or a debit card. This way, you can transfer the money from your PayPal over to your bank account.

Otherwise, if you don’t mind waiting a few days (or weeks), you could request a mailed check which can be deposited right into your bank account.

Get started using Mr. Rebates

Setting up your Mr. Rebates account is easy and takes less than 30 seconds. Here are the exact steps to get started.

Create your account

Creating your Mr. Rebates account is easy. If you sign up using any of the links on this review, you’ll get a $5 bonus.

Here are the exact steps you’ll need to take to start earning cash back on your purchases with Mr. Rebates.

Step 1: From the Mr. Rebates homepage, click on the Join Mr. Rebates link or the Join button at the top right corner of the page.

mr. rebates homepage create your account

Step 2: You’ll be taken to a registration page where you’ll complete some basic information, such as your email, name, and address (the address is necessary to receive your cash back checks).

Click Create Your Account once you’ve filled out the information.

Step 3: That’s it! Your Mr. Rebates account has been created. At this point, you should have landed on a welcome page. Click on the logo at the top left corner of the page to return back to the homepage. These are where the deals are.

Start earning cash back

Now that you’ve successfully completed your registration, it’s time to start earning cash back.

There are two primary ways you can earn cash back through Mr. Rebates—shopping directly through the website or using the browser extension. Neither way is right or wrong, but they both have their advantages.

Let’s first look at the advantage of shopping using the Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button.

mr. rebates quick cash back button

The Mr. Rebates Quick Cash Button is a browser extension available for Google Chrome that activates cash back instantly in your web browser.

When you go to a website with cash back offers, the browser extension will automatically remind you to activate your cash back.

It will notify you when you reach a store that is offering cash back with Mr. Rebates. The only thing you need to do is click the notification to activate cash back.

The advantage of using the browser extension is that you don’t have to waste any time going to the Mr. Rebates website first. You can shop as you normally would, and the browser extension will find the cash back opportunities for you.

So, what’s the advantage of going through the Mr. Rebates website first? The advantage is that you can compare cash back deals and be sure you are getting the best deal for your purchase.

Let me give you an example. Say you wanted to purchase a new camera. You go to the Mr. Rebates website, hover on Stores then click on Computers & Electronics.

mr. rebates all stores that offer cash back

You’ll now see a large list of hundreds of retailers offering cash back. You’ll also see how much cash back they are offering for purchases.

This is where the advantage comes in. You can now compare cash back offers and see which stores offer the most cash back. This guarantees you’re getting the best deal every time.

Normally, you might have just gone directly to Amazon to buy your new camera. However, Amazon is only offering 2% cash back.

On the other hand, Best Buy is offering 5% cash back, which means you could buy your camera from Best Buy and save more money.

But you wouldn’t have known this unless you were first able to see it on the website. This is the advantage of shopping directly through the Mr. Rebates website—you are guaranteed to get the best cash back offer.

Is Mr. Rebates worth it?

Yes, Mr. Rebates is definitely worth it.

In fact, just about any cash back site is worth it. Why wouldn’t you want to save money on things you’re going to buy anyway?

And depending on how much you shop online, you could be saving hundreds of dollars every year. 

So, what do you have to lose? Getting started is easy. Sign up in under 30 seconds and start saving money and getting cash back immediately.

Get a $7.50 sign up bonus when you sign up

  • Get cash back while shopping online
  • Automatically get the best coupons applied to your order
  • Over 3,000 stores with cash back offers
Sign Up For Mr. Rebates

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